Nepal - Bosnia and Herzegovina Relations

With an establishment of the bilateral relationship on 12th January, 2000 between Bosnia & Herzegovina and Nepal both countries have had a cordial relationship. Relations between Bosnia & Herzegovina and Nepal are deep rooted and always have been warm and friendly. Both countries have a long tradition of exchanging visits on a regular basis which have been contributing to strengthening and consolidating mutual relations. Both countries enjoy illustrious history and rich cultural heritage. Peoples of the two countries share similar hospitality and landmarks. They wish to stay close to the nature and their love for hills and mountains is never ending. This is the reason the tourism market is flourishing both countries by attracting huge number of people from all over the world. With the establishment of BiH Consulate office in Nepal, the flow of tourism between the two countries is also increasing day by day.

Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Nepal

FBHN is a group of passionate volunteers who are interested for promoting Bosnian Herzegovinian heritage through cultural, education and festive programs in Nepal. The consulate office will create the data base of individual people, institutions from Nepal who are somehow close to Bosnia a Herzegovina. In future, we can use this data base for various programs, events organize by the consulate office or embassy in Nepal. We can also plan to have tea / coffee together with these common interest people in coming months and years.


Who can be a member?

  1. Person who had visited Bosnia and Herzegovina and staying in Nepal.
  2. Person who had studied in Bosnia and Herzegovina and returned to Nepal.
  3. Person who is directly or indirectly involve in business or other involvement with Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  4. Person who expresses a concrete interest or reasonable initiative in any specific area of cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Nepal.


The consulate office will plan for some gathering activities once or twice in a year. For more details on this FBNH, please contact our consulate office.

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