The Role of the Honorary Consulate of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Promoting the bilateral, economic, cultural and tourism relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Nepal within the framework of the embassy.
  • Promoting business / trade exchange and business relations in Nepal.
  • Providing the necessary support to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina who are visiting Nepal as per their specific requirements in close coordination with the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Providing the general information to Nepali citizens on how to obtain the short and long term visa for travelling to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It can be either for visit, business, study, conference, meeting etc. in accordance with information available at the website of the Embassy.
  • Maintain the personal relations with other embassies and Honorary Consulates in Nepal.
  • Promoting and supporting the official visits of delegations and dignitaries from the both Nepal and Bosnia and Herzegovina.